emTr0.dev is now powered by Ghost, Heroku, Gatsby and Netlify - Work in progress

emTr0.dev is now powered by Ghost, Heroku, Gatsby and Netlify - Work in progress

If you visited emTr0.dev within the last few days you probably noticed it was being forwarded to my tap.bio. I forwarded the domain because I was in the process of moving my blog and website to a different platform. I was going to wait till it was done but I figured it would be cool to share the progress of the new website/blog's progress.

When I last set up the emTr0.dev domain, I had it pointing to my Devblog at Hashnode. Hashnode was such an amazing platform to start my developer blog on but I soon realized that my need to tinker wouldn't be satisfied by this platform. If you're looking for a great community of developers to share with and learn from, I highly recommend Hashnode. I also have a profile at dev.to, another great platform that also had their own "dev blog" but again, I wanted a bit more control than it offered.

I've known about Ghost for some time but I haven't considered it as an option in a while. In the process of figuring out how to improve my sites at Hashnode and dev.to, I re-discovered it but this time found out it offered a headless option with Gatsby and Netlify integration.

The whole process of setting up my Ghost site so that it was powered by Heroku and then served as a static website by GitHub and Netlify required a bunch of trial and error on my part since I never experimented with Jamstack before. Each time something worked out though, it was very rewarding.

I plan to create a post detailing the resources and steps I used to set up my site but for now, I wanted to post something so you knew where I was coming from, and what's going on with the development of this site. It's a work-in-progress and will probably go through a few revisions before I'm happy with it. After that, it will probably go through even more revisions because that's just how I am. I like to try different things and improve what I already have. Who knows, maybe I'll eventually end up exporting my posts and moving to a completely different platform like WordPress. For now though, I like this Ghost + Heroku + Gatsby + Netlify. I'm also learning a lot in the process.

Hope you'll visit soon and often!